New Hampshire
3-Day Freshwater
Pike or Walleye Fishing Trip

From $700.00 per day

May 15th – September 30th

Come join us for 3 days of pursuing walleye or pike in a Northern New England lake or river system. A guide will meet you at your lodging address or some other predetermined location each morning. All fishing equipment will be provided on these trips. We typically fish for these species from 16 to 20 foot boats however we occasionally go after them with canoes depending on the body of water that we are fishing on a given day. All fish cleaning at the end of each 7 hour charter is also included. This trip is for one or two anglers.  Turn this trip into a 2 night 3 day camping/fishing trip (+$400) with all meals, meal preparation and camping equipment included.  We will provide a list of recommended personal items for you to bring.
This trip is for 1 to 4 anglers.


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Note: All lodging would begin the night BEFORE the trip.

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  • Check-in time 5:00 am
  • Check-out time 8:00 pm

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